Official Fantasy Rodeo Game of the PRCA & the WNFR

Shoulder injury sidelines Cody Wright

Saddle bronc rider Cody Wright is sidelined for at least two rounds. read more

Steven Peebles out of WNFR with Compression Fracture

Bareback rider Steven Peebles, who has qualified for the Wrangler National Finals Rodeo six consecutive years, had his trip to the 2014 WNFR end prematurely because of an injury. read more

How Insurance Works

If you purchased Premium Insurance

Premium Insurance replaces the injured team member by the next highest rank contestant.   Once a contestant does not compete or is injured, the next contestant will be on your team for the remainder of the WNFR.  Pro Fantasy Rodeo will automatically change your team as soon as a contestant is unable to compete.  If the 1st ranked contestant is injured, he will be replaced by the #2 ranked contestant.   If your team has a replacement, all of his money will count for your team total and none of your previous contestant who was injured money will count, this will not alter or change the winners of earlier PFR go rounds.

If you purchased Regular Insurance 

Regular Insurance replaces the injured member of your team replaced by the next lower ranked contestant.  If the 15th ranked contestant is injured, regular insurance will not apply.  Once a contestant does not compete or is injured, the next contestant will be on your team for the remainder of the WNFR.  Pro Fantasy Rodeo will automatically change your team as soon as a contestant is unable to compete.   If your team has a replacement, all of his money will count for your team total and none of your previous contestant who was injured money will count, this will not alter or change the winners of earlier PFR go rounds.


If you won, $750.00 or more, we will be sending you a letter that needs to be signed and filled out with the required information and sent back to us so we can then send you your check.

If you won under $750.00, we will be mailing you your checks at the end of next week!

If you won a Prize Challenge or a Prize in the Nightly Go Round Game, prizes will ship at the end of next week, to the first of the following week!

If you win the Ram Truck!!!!!!!, we will contact you about the steps for picking it up and the same goes for the Ranger!!

Thank you all for playing, we can't wait to see how tonight plays out!

Payouts for the 2014 WNFR NIGHTLY Go-Round Game (all results are unofficial)

NIGHTLY Go-Round Game Details, How to Play and Prize Photos

Nightly Game for Round 10 (unofficial)
#Team NameOwner Team TotalTop $ Winners Payout
1mama needs a new 4wheelerScott Robinetter$82,139.42$41,276.20 Pendleton Prize Package + Rodeo Vegas/PFR Jacket
2hindsrd10randy hinds$80,606.96$22,986.78 PFR Jacket
3RD FarmsRich Partin$78,768.01$52,103.36 Bex Sunglasses
4Dick dive off the dresserRichard Coats$75,396.63$76,316.10 PFR Ballcap

Payouts for the 2014 WNFR Main Game (all results are unofficial)

WNFR Go-Round 10 Winners (unofficial)
WNFR Round 10 - Dec 13
Team NameOwnerTeam TotalTop $ WinnersPayout
JakeWayneHerman Jake Herman $113707.91 $57313.70 $2,000
101 Trailer Brad Nelson $113094.93 $0.00 $1,000
FILNDRU Drew Oberbeck $110030.04 $53022.83 $500
jrc&jjh Jenna Harper $106045.66 $41989.17 $250
Deagen Trailers CURTIS DEAGEN $106045.65 $49344.94 $100
Dumb &Dumber Lee and Jay Allard $103746.97 $18082.93 $100
two hawk cattle co bart ness $102061.28 $22986.78 $100
Outriders Kirk Stowers $99762.60 $29423.07 $100
Culberson fantasy productions Michael Culberson $99405.03 $22986.78 $100
Whackamoles Shawn wilkinson $98996.37 $45973.56 $100

Top 100 Teams Overall (unofficial)
#Team NameOwnerCurrent TotalTop $ Winners
1Mora4EEzekial Mora$883,458.42$556,841.91
2Cabral RanchJC Cabral$859,858.65$874,416.93
3Blackjack LoboRonda Holwell$838,404.34$721,886.91
4Midwest MayhemJamie Thompson$836,258.90$756,520.31
5Two Rivers RanchBrad$836,258.90$636,529.39
6GADKerry Gilbow$834,573.20$780,733.06
7HOLMTOWNshad hholm$834,573.20$583,200.05
8TS Bar RanchSkye Dunlap$825,174.15$547,187.42
9Hopscotch Bailey Corkill$818,942.18$730,315.41
10Lanes WinnersKayo Strickland$803,311.19$547,238.48
11me.n.shorty.dreamteammikala fletcher$795,751.10$730,315.41
12pdub ranchPaul Warren$791,153.72$580,441.63
13TheDirty5ThirtyJordan Fitzgerald $789,008.29$803,004.67
14C Rocking G RodeoDaniel Castle$787,322.59$536,204.84
15rcarnineRandy Carnine$786,147.74$554,900.74
16KO Korii Ochoa$785,994.49$900,315.36
17ChopsClint Gross$785,994.49$656,757.70
18JACKS CREWJack Hadley$785,075.02$785,075.02
19New Age OutlawsKenny Kyle$785,075.02$771,589.42
21Gillespie1Randall gillespie$785,075.02$707,328.64
22Double F RanchShannon Finch$785,075.02$667,229.46
23The Rodeo ArenaBeverly VanScyoc$785,075.02$369,423.05
24dropping dongJohn Seifert$782,418.77$495,748.13
25Z LanesKyle Lane$782,265.51$606,697.66
26HollingbackVirginia Hollingback$781,703.62$852,349.64
27ShemanatorSammie Casamero$781,192.81$381,580.47
28Staley livestockRobert staley$781,090.64$835,032.91
29Farm bureauJohn rohrer$777,974.64$712,385.73
30CtwissCarly Twisselman$776,186.80$815,059.98
31The LongshotsCierra Rumfield$776,186.80$775,880.28
32T and T DynamiteMisty Teague$776,186.80$700,279.35
33shawn trimbleshawn trimble$775,522.73$678,212.06
34Wing ItCassie Sallee$774,194.61$843,614.67
35Midnight RayneRayne Bruised Head$773,990.28$542,794.41
36Campbell0314Lynn Campbell$767,605.07$730,315.41
37Mr.MoneyBagsJustin Nowlin$767,298.58$706,000.49
38tonylangdon2tony langdon$766,021.53$882,232.44
39JezluthorBo Hill$764,999.89$514,392.97
40M T Barmonte harmon$764,080.41$569,152.58
41HaleysDaddy5Shane Brawner$763,620.69$770,823.18
42Rodeo SwagCullen Johnson$758,716.86$681,328.02
43CRB 2Russ Baize$757,184.40$735,066.00
44Garrett&ShelbyGarrett K Lowham$757,184.40$717,647.11
45Whit3Chad Whitney $757,184.40$665,850.29
46Missys TeamMichael R Palmer$757,184.40$555,667.03
47UtahazbeensCoby Jones$757,184.40$290,348.52
48Carroll RanchKenda Carroll$757,184.39$656,298.00
49Double G ConstructionGary C Gilbert$756,980.07$850,050.96
50Champ26Sean Schelske$756,877.89$659,209.63
51Teegs TeamTegan Mills$756,111.68$686,998.09
52Zach and MikZach Freeman$753,455.42$857,866.49
53Jake from State FarmTuff Hedeman$749,368.88$700,279.35
54Flying DEllen lear$748,296.17$625,700.02
55PETALee Bigalk$746,916.98$588,461.45
56Little Sandynick kalivas$745,844.25$722,550.97
57Champion Factory 33Brodie Poppino$745,844.25$600,261.36
58Line em up 8 FireballsIsabel Reese$745,691.01$637,959.66
59cvc$Chad VanCampen$744,005.32$654,203.64
60OutsidersNick Price$742,472.84$744,873.72
61Boone and CrockettDean Tuftin$742,319.61$730,315.41
62Signature Ranch 1Kim Baize$739,663.34$627,692.24
63Kenner 2Ken$738,948.21$745,486.67
64GoPokes4everkaleb wilber$737,671.16$862,106.26
65M. Terry Rough Riders.Martin Terry$736,649.53$581,667.62
66HaleysDaddy4Shane Brawner$736,496.30$526,550.38
67Ts Top GunsTara Fenenga$736,343.06$341,838.89
68Schomp 34 Curt Robinson$736,036.57$822,926.58
69seeranchRichard W. See$735,117.07$636,529.39
70KodeeKodee Schell$734,657.35$590,862.31
71Debs A TeamDebbie$734,197.63$730,315.41
72North Dakota MafiaJaden Huntley$734,197.63$539,065.45
74Plus 5Casey Lawrence$733,891.13$733,891.13
75Bailey Blaine ReinaBailey Blaine Reina$733,431.38$699,564.19
76C-A RanchCody Armbrust$732,001.10$545,961.50
77Commerce City CowboyFloyd L Jackson$731,439.20$570,225.30
78D.O.T.I.Stephanie Hayden$731,132.73$692,157.35
79Ranchland ABRobin Burwash$730,979.48$647,920.60
80rope1967 #2pat spitz$730,264.33$556,688.60
81Double L ChampsLizbeth Lowe$730,162.14$540,648.98
82SheepDoggerKyle Dennison$729,753.50$537,992.71
83CAPTAIN CAULPAULA STEPHENS$727,403.75$554,134.50
84talsma teamJonathan$726,535.35$982,863.43
85Willow Creek Rough RidersPeter-John Bennett$726,075.61$724,492.08
86open a triangleSteve Clements$725,564.80$895,666.95
87 2 C CattleCasey Kerstiens$724,849.66$839,272.71
88Three Quarter Circle RanchKarla Duane DeVeny$724,849.66$835,748.07
89millironsranchRichard W. See$724,849.66$756,877.87
90Razors Little LadyHeidi Geesen$724,849.66$724,849.66
91 E RODEO GLEN EKKER$724,849.66$718,362.28
92Bradshaw hay co.Troy Bradshaw$724,849.66$715,859.27
93NEMuleTrackRanchTrey Allen$724,849.66$692,310.63
94Team gingerShane$724,849.66$683,626.69
95Rockin SharpsJennifer sharp$724,849.66$679,948.82
96Thompsons ChampsRick Thompson$724,849.66$667,944.62
97Fluffys PicksJ D Grieves$724,849.66$655,429.61
98Wrap -n- HooeyTrent Boatright$724,849.66$649,299.80
99Kamrath AreanaKevin Kamrath$724,849.66$646,643.54
100South Dakotas Big ChiefRick Greiner$724,849.66$615,841.27