Official Fantasy Rodeo Game of the PRCA & the WNFR

Build A Team

Recruit a fantasy team that will win the most money

Easy 3 Step Team Recruiting Process

Step 1:
Select a game and name your rodeo team.

Step 2:
Recruit your 8 person team by picking one contestant from each event.

* You have a $550,000 salary cap for your team.

Step 3:
Select Your Tie Breakers by picking which contestant you think will win the most money in each event during the WNFR, and then estimating your primary team winnings.

* There is no salary cap for your tie breaker contestant selections.

Step 1: Select a Game and Name Your Team


Step 2: Recruit Your 8 Person Team

  • You must select a contestant for each event.
  • Each contestant has an individual salary next to their name.
  • Your Team Salary will update as you pick your team.
  • You have a salary cap of $550,000 with which to select your 8 team members.
Total Spent:
$ 0
Left to Spend:
$ 550,000
Total Spent:
$ 0
Left to Spend:
$ 550,000

Step 3: Select Your Tie Breakers

Tie Breaker #1 - Top $ Winner Selections

  • Tie Breaker Team Selections are tie breakers and do not have a salary cap



Tie Breaker #2 - Team Winnings


Enter the information of the owner of the team

(* Indicates a required field.)

Residents of Quebec, Arizona, Iowa, Louisiana, Maryland, Montana, Vermont and Washington may not play in the game. If claiming a prize, you hereby represent and warrant that you are not a resident of the aforementioned states or provinces. Void where the laws and regulations of any jurisdiction prohibit participation.

Important Notes:
  • All attempts are made to have correct rodeo participants in place prior to contest start, however should a rodeo participant be replaced prior to the start of the competition, you will keep the position (not the rodeo participant) that you initially picked.
  • After the rodeo event has begun, if a rodeo participant is injured during the event, does not participate, is disqualified, or cannot continue in the event or any part of it for any reason whatsoever, Contestants will not be allowed to choose a replacement rodeo participant and so no Contestant will be able to receive any points in this Contest as the now non-participating rodeo participant will receive no winnings.

Insurance Protection from Injuries (optional)

Premium Insurance will let you replace the injured team member by the next highest rank contestant.   Once a contestant does not compete or is injured, the next contestant will be on your team for the remainder of the WNFR.  Pro Fantasy Rodeo will automatically change your team as soon as a contestant is unable to compete.  If the 1st ranked contestant is injured, he will be replaced by the #2 ranked contestant.   If your team has a replacement, all of his money will count for your team total and none of your previous contestant who was injured money will count, this will not alter or change the winners of earlier PFR go rounds.

Regular Insurance will allow you to replace the injured member of your team replaced by the next lower ranked contestant.  If the 15th ranked contestant is injured, regular insurance will not apply.  Once a contestant does not compete or is injured, the next contestant will be on your team for the remainder of the WNFR.  Pro Fantasy Rodeo will automatically change your team as soon as a contestant is unable to compete.

Silver Buckle

Each league must have at least
10 teams to win a silver buckle

Silver Buckle League (optional)

Create your own league and win a Custom Montana Silversmiths Silver Buckle.  Challenge your friends in the “Silver Buckle League” and either you or one of your friends will win a league Champion Buckle. Each member pays an additional $20 under a chosen Team League Name. Find out more about the Silver Buckle League or create your league today!

Enter Your Silver Buckle League Code (Additional $20 per team)

Prize Challenges (optional)

Select which additional prizes you would like your team entered for a chance to win. Only those teams that have been entered in each specific prize pool will compete against each other. The winner of each prize challenge will be determined by the team that has accumulated the most overall team winnings throughout all 10 days. To enter your team, select from the prize challenges below:

Donate to the Charity Tattoo League (optional)

For every $5 donation to the Charity Tattoo League, the player will be entered into a drawing for the exclusive Rodeo Vegas Jacket to be drawn on December 15th. The donations will be added to the Charity of the winner of the Charity Tattoo League.


Pro Fantasy Rodeo Flex Fit Ball Cap (optional)

Additional $19.95 each (includes S/H)


Ball Caps